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Page Plus is a prepaid mobile service operator. It was established in 1993. Since then Page Plus is consistently ranked as one of the top prepaid mobile companies for low plan rates. It is well known for the great nationwide signal coverage and good customer service. Page Plus works under CDMA cellular standards and starting January 15, 2015 only Verizon Certified Phones can be used with Page Plus services. It is very important to acknowledge that in the year of 2017, devices from Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint, Straight Talk (non-CDMA-V phones), Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, T-Mobile, US Cellular etc. are not allowed on the Page Plus Network.

4GNewYork offers Page Plus's pay-as-you-go and no-contract monthly plans. We began to work with this provider in the year of 2011. Since then, we received a lot of positive feedbacks from our customers especially for a great network coverage and quality of service. If you DO NOT have phone service or willing to get a new phone number, 4GNewYork web site has an option of getting a new service plan with Page Plus. We will be happy to assign you a NEW number and activate a new account for you. If your Phone supports 4G or 4G LTE and you would like to use this internet feature, you will need a Sim Card. In case you have a regular phone or have no need for a high speed wireless internet, Sim Card is not necessary for you. If you already have a phone number with another carrier, you can port your existing number over to Page Plus. This option is also FREE of charge. Keep in mind that we will need some additional information about your current cellular account in case of transferring your number. If you already using Page Plus service you can refill your account on our Wireless Refills page. It is quick and simple process. There are no fees and we do not enroll you in any auto payments, it is one-time recharge.

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Page Plus Prepaid Sim Card Kit with Optional Service Plan
Page Plus Best Nationwide Network Coverage by Verizon:     ..
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