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Ultra Mobile is a prepaid cellular operator which runs on a GSM network one of the largest nationwide provider. Ultra Mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) other words mobile service re-seller. The main difference between Ultra and other Prepaid Mobile Companies is that Ultra Mobile has low international calling rates. Almost each Ultra Mobile plan includes certain amount for international calling purposes. One more distinction for Ultra is its affordable service plan for 19 dollars a month. This plan has Unlimited Talk, Text, Global Text + 100MB Data at 4G LTE Speed. It is a really great option for people who don’t use too much internet on their phone and want unlimited talk and text. $19 Plan also includes 1.25 dollars Call Anywhere Credit.

4GNewYork offers all available Unlimited Monthly Plans from Ultra Mobile: $19; $29; $34; $39 and 49-dollar plan. We bring to our clients the most convenient ordering and purchasing conditions. We ship same business with a Free regular option. We don’t have any activation fees. Our system automatically tracks your package to activate you prepaid SIM Card upon delivery. This way your monthly billing circle starts on the day you receive your sim card. On our Ultra Mobile product page, you will find information about prices, promotions and sales 4GNewYork currently has. Activate Ultra Mobile Plan today and save on low rates for international calls. You can use any Unlocked GSM phone with Ultra Wireless. Already Ultra Mobile customer? Use our WIreless Refills Portal to pay your monthly bill. You are welcome to reach us via email Our specialists will assist you through the process of making choice and purchasing.


-What is a Sim Card?

Sim Card is a small chip which is embedded into a plastic card. SIM cards store network-specific information used to authenticate and identify subscribers on the network. SIM can be transferred between different mobile devices. All prepaid mobile carriers have their own Sim Cards. SIM from one company can’t be used with another.

-What is an unlocked phone?

Common practice in the US is for wireless carriers to install locking software on their phones to prevent the device from being used on another carrier.

An unlocked phone is a phone that has been freed from being tied to one carrier. Unlocked GSM phones can be used with any carrier’s SIM card on any GSM network. Common practice in the US is for wireless carriers to install locking software on their phones to prevent the device from being used on another carrier.

-Can I use T-Mobile Branded Phone with Ultra Mobile network?

Yes, most of T-Mobile phones can be used with Ultra Mobile even if your device is not unlocked.

-Is it possible to use a Verizon Phone with Ultra Mobile?

Most of Verizon, Sprint, Boost or Metro PCS phones cannot be used with Ultra Mobile.

-AT&T phones compatible with Ultra Mobile?

In case if you have an AT&T phone you will need to Unlock your device. Contact AT&T customer service and tell them that you require an unlock code for your phone. The provider may charge a fee or deny your request according their policy.

-How to set up a Data Service (Internet)?

All prepaid services need Data to be set up.

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Ultra Mobile Sim Card Activation Kit
The best deal from Ultra Mobile- $19.00 monthly. Unlimeted Talk, Text, International Text + 100 MB of Data for only 19 dollars a month. No Contract, No hidden Fees, great Nationwide Network from T-Mobile.             ..
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